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Heba Al-Zuhair | M.Phil NPAPH, M.Sc NPAPH, B.Sc in Nutrition, Physical Activities & Public Health | Qualified Nutritionist

Balance is the key word and practically complicated by the targeted marketing messages as well as confusing labelling. My role as an experienced nutritional councillor is to provide the guidance, support and encouragement that make my clients’ journey to health clear.

I’m Heba Al-Zuhair,a fully Qualified Nutritionist and Health Scientist, Weight Loss Expert and Healthy Lifestyle Consultant and founder of Bath’s Nutrition and Wellness Centre in the beautiful Georgian city of Bath, where I can help you discover the relationship between your food choices, your lifestyle and your nutrition goals. I’ve had the privilege of  working with lots of  people of  all ages, all body types and all types of  mindset. I’ve helped every one of  them to enhance their health and wellbeing by informing the choices they make in relation to food, nutrition and their lifestyle. I can help you, too!

In the world of health, food is fundamental. Here at the Nutrition and Wellness Centre, I regard food much more than just as nourishment. I think of food as an advanced dietary medicine and as the essential component of optimal health and disease prevention. My philosophy is that nutritional advice should be practical, holistic and aligned with modern dietary science.

I advocate a balanced régime of mostly plant-based, organically produced foods with focused attention and awareness on highly digestible preparations and food combinations.

IMG_1477My promise to you…

I will commit, along with you, to making the change you want to see in your life and I will support you towards this goal with all of  the passion and energy that I can. I will help you to target the goals which matter to you. My approach is founded upon research-based evidence and best practice, so you can be assured that we are working towards change in a healthy and sustainable way. I will tailor a personal programme of  wellness and wellbeing protocols for your needs. This will typically consist of  dietary andlifestyle advice and advanced nutritional and organic herbal supplementation, which I will fine-tune for you over time as we work together.

Take a browse through my website which gives you a taste of what I do and the way I like to work. Check out my Events Gallery page & Transformations page where you can see Testimonials from happy clients of different age groups (72, 60 and 40 years of age) their experiences with me and the services offered at my centre.

“If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.”  Hippocrates

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