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M.Phil NPAPH, M.Sc NPAPH, B.Sc in
Nutrition, Physical Activities & Public Health, BANT Associate Member, CNHCReg, Fully Covered By Insurance

 A Fully Qualified Nutritionist & Health Scientist, Weight Loss Expert & Wellness Health Coach, Who Works Nationally & Internationally With 26 years experience. Using the Functional Medicine Approach Which Addresses The Underlying Causes Of Symptoms & Treats The Person As A Whole, Heba Is Also A Fully Qualified Metabolic Balance® Practitioner.

Certified In Clinical Nutrition & The Founder Of The Nutrition & Wellness Centre In The Beautiful Georgian City Of Bath, UK.

‘‘ By applying the principles of nutritional therapy and the functional medicine approach, I can help you to transform or restore your health and show you how to maximize these beniefts. ’’

ABOUT_ME1-1Healthier, Happier Life With Optimum Nutrition

My programs are based on: |Natural Solutions | Healthy and Wholesome Food | Real Results | Losing Fat While Retaining Muscle | Feeling Good, Happier & Healthier Life. We are all different and I can help you Optimise Your Balanced & Personalised Nutrition to reach Optimum Health by understanding the relationship between your Food, Lifestyle choices, Health and Wellness. For 26 years now, I’ve had the privilege of working with lots of people of all ages, body and mind-set types and I’ve helped every one of them to enhance their Health and Wellbeing. I achieved that by informing them of the choices they need to make in relation to Food, Nutrition and their Lifestyle and by recognising future health obstacles then forming régimes to overcome them. As a Qualified Nutritionist I can help my clients reach Optimum Health by empowering them to discover what healthy lifestyle means through one-to-one mentoring or group coaching…

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