Welcome to the Nutrition and Wellness Centre

Create Your Lifestyle. Nutrition is my passion and your results are my commitment

In the world of health, food is fundamental. Here at the Nutrition and Wellness Centre, I regard food much more than just as nourishment. I think of food as an advanced dietary medicine and as the essential component of optimal health and disease prevention. My philosophy is that nutritional advice should be practical, holistic and aligned with modern dietary science.

I’m Heba Al-Zuhair, a fully qualified nutritionist (M.Phil, M.Sc, B.Sc in Nutrition, Physical Activities & Public Health from the University of Bristol) and founder of Bath’s Nutrition and Wellness Centre, where I can help you discover the relationship between your food choices, your lifestyle and your nutrition goals.

Many people don’t understand the miracle of nutrition and its impact on their minds and bodies. Nutritionists believe that when the body heals it heals all its diseases.

 I advocate a balanced régime of mostly plant-based, organically produced foods with focused attention and awareness on highly digestible preparations and food combinations.

It’s not rocket science, it’11020785_834032680010990_1298567341642881939_ns simply getting information you can use, everyday, for the rest of your life, to keep your body strong and working well while embracing and encouraging undiluted, highly nourishing foods that create biochemical feedback loops whereby clients start to crave healthy foods while unhealthy foods become increasingly less tempting. In other words, I seek to refine not to restrict.

Based upon your needs, constraints, challenges and goals, I can help provide services for individuals, families, offices, and special events.

Take a browse through my website which gives you a

taste of what I do and the way I like to work. Check out my Events Gallery page & Transformations page where you can see Testimonials from happy clients of different age groups (72, 60 and 40 years of age) their experiences with me and the services offered at my centre.