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Here are quick links and information for the various services and packages which I offer, plus historic links to some of the courses I have run with great success here from the Centre over the years…


Nutritional Consultations

At the very heart of what I do. My consultations allow me to help keep you focussed and strong and enable me to support you in achieving your goals.

Weight Loss

Weight loss can be such a difficult and stressful thing for so many of the people I see. Whether it’s a short- or long-term target you have in mind, I can help you to get the results you desire and to maintain your efforts beyond your once you’ve reached your target.

Bridal Weight Loss Packages

So often, it is a specific event or vacation that becomes the focus for weight loss, and it’s not surprising that I work with a lot of brides-to-be, looking to get into shape for their big day. I can help you to set realistic targets and get you to your big day looking and feeling great.

DNA Nutrition Testing

Research shows there is a strong correlation between DNA and the way the human body responds to nutrition and physical exercise. In other words, your body could be genuinely resistant to losing weight in certain ways. A sample of your DNA can reveal which foods you should eat and which exercise will be most beneficial for weight loss, fitness training or athletic performance. DNA testing helps me to make the most complete and bespoke diet and exercise plans for my clients.



Over the years, I’ve created numerous new programmes and courses to help my clients push on with their health journeys and to give them different ways of focussing upon and understanding their health.

Body Age Challenge

The aim that I try to emphasize for all of my clients is a healthier life and body, not a lower figure on the scales. It’s not always that easy to get this message across when so many people simply want to see inches coming off their waist or pounds falling away when they weigh themselves. The Body Age Challenge looks to compare a person’s biological age with their chronological age. When you tell a client in their 40s that they live in a body whose biological age is 60, it tends to make an impact. Working together to reduce that biological age into the 30s creates an enormous sense of achievement!

Healthy Cookery School

Over the years, so many clients have told me that they would love to eat well but simply don’t know what to cook. Knowing what to eat is quite a different thing from knowing how to combine those things into a nutritious and tasty meal. I started hosting cookery classes in order to show people that eating well can be easy and can always be tasty and exciting. 

Nourished Metabolism Challenge

I designed my Nourished Metabolism Challenge to explain all that you could need to know about your metabolism and its effects on your body, from stress to weight loss. During the course, I instruct my clients in the ways that the metabolism is affected by stress, food intake, exercise and sleep. I demonstrate the crucial impact that our lifestyle choices place on our bodies, and I advise how we can tweak these choices to enhance and encourage a healthier, better-balanced metabolism.