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The health benefits of the cucumber!

The health benefits of the cucumber

Cucumbers provide our bodies with essential vitamins and nutrients. Cucumbers are a bona fide tasty and healthy vegetable in their own right. Cucumbers will soon give you reason to eat them on their own!

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Types of cucumber include:

Dosakai – A cucumber that is yellow in color, has a round shape and is available in many parts of India. Commonly added in Chutney, Sambar or Soup, Daal and also in making Dosa-Aavakaaya (a type of Indian Pickle).

English cucumbers – Have very little in the way of seeds and can grow to around 2 feet in length.
Mediterranean cucumbers – Skins are smooth with nearly seedless flesh, they have a mild taste.
Japanese cucumbers – A dark green cucumber with a very bumpy skin. Mainly used for slicing, salads and pickling. Read More→