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*Using the Functional Medicine Approach Which Addresses The Underlying Causes Of Symptoms & Treats The Person As A Whole.

My method as I consult with you is to devise realistic strategies which enable you to make smart choices. I will teach you to rewire unhealthy practices and easily integrate healthy habits into your daily lifestyle. My transformation programmes are thoughtfully personalised, effective and are total solutions, backed up by my 26 years of experience and the latest research findings for you to achieve life-changing results.
So, if you’d like to feel vibrant, light and balanced then get in touch today.


Trying to effect change in our lives is a big step. We are creatures of habit. To properly set about change you need knowledge and support and a clear understanding of how to achieve your goal. However; the First Step is going to be a Winning Mind-Set. I can steer you towards taking those correct, all-important first steps. You and I will strategize on how to make Smart and Intelligent Choices that are realistic for your body and lifestyle’s individual needs. You’ll learn how to easily integrate healthy habits into your daily lifestyle so that you will eat Beautifully Balanced, Fresh Wholesome Food that is spread throughout the day. I will also help you Introduce Intelligent Physical Activity to complement your nutritional programme.
As a team, you and I will ensure that Goals are Practical, Maintainable and Realistic. Whether you want to treat Health oncerns, lose weight, increase your energy levels, or simply eat healthier, you’ll achieve success through my Knowledge, Inspirational Support and Encouragement. You will see Food in a Refreshing New Light! I will be with you for the Entire Journey to Inspire, Support and Empower you to Live Well and be Happy. I will be with you for the entire journey to inspire, support and empower you.


During the consultation I will be using my health scientist’s background and my nutritionist’s knowledge to collect information by helping you identify and interpret physiological signals. By discussing current health concerns, medical history, diet, exercise, emotional issues and general wellbeing, I will gain a good understanding of your overall condition. These insights, combined with the latest hospital-grade technology, ultrasound and non-invasive labaratory testing devices and associated software, will enable me to accurately diagnose the root causes of your symptoms.

The tests and documentation typically include:

• medical and family case history
• measurements of bone density and bone mineral mass

• vital signs such as blood pressure, blood oxygen and pulse rate
• comprehensive urine test0-neu-d4-881e75e03571bed28a4e130c23f782de

• anthropometrical readings

• metabolic rate and your basal metabolic rate
• weight
• body fat percentage
• total body water percentage
• your muscle mass
• your physical rate
• your metabolic age
• your visceral fat indicator

After the measurements are taken and the results collected, I will take a photo. This photo, along with all of the other data I collect, will be treated with complete confidentiality (I never share photos – before or after – or any other statistical data without the express blessing of my clients). I will interpret your results and explain your health status to you and then I will give you the best advice possible towards achieving the goals we have discussed. I will then personalize your wellness and wellbeing protocols. This will typically consist of dietary and lifestyle advice including physical activity needs, as well as customized, advanced nutritional and herbal supplementation. I work with experts who formulate potent nutritional supplements and herbal extracts according to your unique nutritional needs. We will also plan your shopping list, fridge and store items and I will provide cooking advice. Furthermore, depending on your medical history and the test results I receive, I may recommend further blood laboratory tests or might refer you to your GP and/or other therapists.

Throughout the process, I will carefully revise and fine-tune your protocol based on your needs, interests and the agreed targets.

At the end of my first session with you, I will provide you with a folder containing important literature that is tailored to your case. I will also be available for phone support, at sociable hours, throughout the entire program.

Please do get in touch to find out more or to book a consultation with me on 01225 571361 or e-mail me at



Full Personal Nutrition Consultation

• First visit-  (1 hour and 45 minutes) £140
• Follow-Up Consultation (45- 60 minutes each)  £70

Three Personal Nutrition Consultations Package

• Three One-to-One Personal Nutrition Consultations Package £250 (3-month time limit from start of programme )

Cancellations with more than 24 hours’ notice will incur no charge. Cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged at full price. If you need to cancel an appointment please contact me as early as possible. I reserve the right to charge the full consultation cost if less than 24 hours’ notice of cancellation is given.

When you buy a package of time with the Nutrition and Wellness Centre, I commit to having enough time available to serve you. This affects and limits how many other clients I can work with. For that reason, I am unable to offer refunds. If you want to be sure that my style is right for you then please just book one hour to start. If you should subsequently decide to book a package the fee will be adjusted for you accordingly.

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