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Nutrition and Wellness Centre - testimonials

Receiving positive feedback from my clients is a lovely part of my job. It confirms the dramatic effect that good nutrition and wellness choices can have on improving a person’s life. I’m sharing some of the letters I’ve received so that you can read for yourself what a difference my working with you can make.

I was attracted to Heba’s approach because she tailor-makes an eating programme to suit just you, taking into account the information she gains through discussion and assessment. I have long struggled with my weight due, in particular, to a stressful career and caring responsibilities. What Heba gave me was just what I needed – what to eat and drink, how much, how to cook it and when to eat it. While this might sound prescriptive, it is not. It was entirely up to me to follow the advice given. I was surprised that I did not feel hungry despite eating much less food. This was because I was eating the right food for my body as suggested by Heba. Ok, so some real favourite foods have gone for now, but they have been replaced with new, healthier foods which are fast becoming favourites. The result is that in 7 weeks ( that included Christmas!) I have lost 6.5kg and my shape is changing for the better. Of equal, if not greater significance, I sleep so much better and have considerably more physical and emotional energy. I believe Heba has equipped me with the tools and information I need to carry on becoming physically and emotionally healthier. And this is in 3 sessions with her and support by text or phone in between sessions when I needed it.
I have tried various dieting clubs before so what was different with Heba? The suggestions she makes are just for your body and life style, not a programme that is supposed to work for all. Things such as how much water to drink ( a game changer for me), has never been part of any other programme I’ve tried, or that in my case, i need to really increase the amount of protein I need to eat. Also that a seemingly much smaller portion of the right food for my body really does leave me feeling satisfied without feeling full and keeps me going for hours.
I can’t thank Heba enough for her kindness, encouragement, skill and expertise.

Kate, aged 57


I Met the most inspirational lady Heba Who changed the way I felt about food and worked with my hectic lifestyle. Enabling me to me my goal. But if I hadn’t meet Heba I think things in life would be so different as I had a quad bike accident and broke my back and crushed my shoulder, loosing the weight I can only say made it quicker and easier to recovery. Heba coaches you on the right path. I am always on the go holidays , lunches and dinners out, it can be done as long we as know the right tweaks. Also I have many bowel problems caused by splinters of my spin and again Heba to the rescue sorting this no surgery required at the moment. Don’t think about maybe ! Invest in yourself! just do and you never know what life can throw your way . Bless you for everything.

Jaki Cooper


At 22 years old I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I was overweight, depressed and in constant pain. After a year and a half of going constantly back to the doctors, nothing was working. Heba changed my life; she managed to achieve something that no doctor could. I was amazed by just how much food affected the way I felt. Just by making changes to my diet I was loosing weight, my pain had gone and most importantly I was enjoying life again. Heba understood how I felt and made me feel like I was no longer alone.

Catherine Goulding


“I cannot recommend Heba highly enough! My weight loss journey started with her a few months ago after I decided to take charge of my health and seek a better lifestyle. As a GP, advising on a healthy lifestyle is such an important part of my job and I had got to the stage where I was beginning to feel a hypocrite giving advice. Thanks to Heba’s great advice and inspiration I now feel much healthier and in a position to give advice on weight loss. The biggest change for me has been realising that you cannot out exercise a bad diet, and thanks to Heba I have made some realistic and sustainable changes to my diet that have allowed me to meet my goals. I am so grateful to Heba and would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to make positive changes to their health!”

Emily Abab, GP


“I’ve worked with a couple of professional and successful nutritionist over the last 10 years, both good in their field, but neither has come up to the extraordinary levels at which Heba works!
I went to her initially with a few issues, fatigue, bloating, erratic sleep, mood swings and mainly, poor self-discipline with regard to my eating habits.

I was really impressed from the start, when we had such an in-depth conversation about what was going on in my life, including past events that may have been giving me pain. I was struck by her wisdom and deep sensitivity, which encouraged me to open up more than I had expected to do with a nutritionist! Heba proved very quickly that she is much more than this.

I was fascinated by the in-depth measurements she was able to take of my body at that time-another first! Although I was going to the gym 3-4 times a week, I had no idea until meeting Heba, that the make up of my body was so different to how I though of it!

Within a week of following her advice and a new eating and action plan, my energy levels rose considerably, I started sleeping more soundly and best of all-with her encouragement and firm no-nonsense approach, my eating habits changed considerably and for the better.

I have now been under Heba’s watchful eye for over a year and can honestly say that her work has set me up for life! I now choose to work with a very different exercise, care and eating regime. I eat healthy energy-giving foods, even in the face of what was over-whelming temptation! It’s so ingrained in me now to look after myself every day that it’s no longer an effort, but a joy, that I am choosing to care for my health and well-being. I highly recommend Heba and her amazing work to anyone who wants to make a change in their lives for the better.”

Ali Cameron-Daw


I’m not the easiest person to convince or re-educate. I don’t just follow instruction without knowing why – it needs to make sense to me. This was the challenge that I brought to Heba when I arrived in her consulting rooms and asked her to help me lose weight. I had slowly gained close to 20kgs over 15 years whilst raising my son – a lot of comfort eating and bad habits had crept up on me. Heba questioned me closely and immediately identified that I had developed a very acidic digestive system and my metabolism had slowed right down. We needed to address both of these issues before I could start losing weight. With Heba’s help, I slowly started to re-educate myself and eat differently. The weight started to melt off proving to me that a) Heba knows exactly what she’s talking about and b) that you’re never too old to be re-educated (or lose the weight!). I can’t recommend Heba highly enough. She showed me how to completely turn my digestive system around and she did it with patience and unwavering belief in me for which I shall always be very grateful.

Bridget Sterling


That pesky half a stone that had been trying to lose for 10 years had now become a stone and worse still it was heading towards a stone and a half, ‘my metabolism must have stopped’ I thought and blamed it on the menopause.

After many years of trying the well known diet clubs and organisations I decided that I needed the professional help of a nutritionist and sought out Bath Nutrition and Wellness Centre. With some trepidation I made an appointment, and with more trepidation I went along to the appointment. After a cup of green tea, and a chat Heba got me to stand on her magic machine and measured various fat levels…… aargh, and interestingly my metabolic rate which was not stopped, as I had suspected, but was that of a person 10 years older than me, ‘I knew it ‘ I thought.

More chatting and some note taking and I was ready for the challenge, which was to lose a stone before my holiday which was 3 months away. With some minor adjustments to my style of eating, and a few vitamin supplements I set about changing the way I eat. Within a couple of weeks the scales started to move downwards, slowly at first but then things got exciting and the scales were definitely heading quickly in the right direction, I was amazed, remember this is what I had been trying to do for the last 10 years at least. At my follow up appointment 2 weeks later Heba was really pleased and encouraged me to continue, with a few little tweaks. At my next appointment a month later there was much elation as I had lost a litre of nasty visceral fat.

The weight loss continued, and my other vital signs improved, my metabolic rate was now at my age, and after 10 weeks I hit the magic number, I had lost a stone. A holiday and Christmas put paid to any further weight loss, and I returned for my penultimate appointment slightly worried that I may have gained weight, but no I had maintained, I was pretty pleased about this as I did not want to undo all the good work so far.

Heba gave me a pep talk, loads of encouragement and sent me on my way to tackle the next few weeks, and the next half stone, which I had decided was my next target….then I would be able to call myself slim. The eating plan has fitted really well into my way of life, I enjoy the food, I am never hungry and I feel loads better. Heba has explained the science behind it and I feel that I can continue with the plan for life, making me fit and healthy. I would highly recommend a visit to Bath Nutrition and Wellness Centre if you would like to see a bit of science behind your weight loss programme, and receive a whole lot of positivity and encouragement on your way to a healthier body.

Steph Anderson 2017


This is a wonderful testimonial from a patient who suffered from Anxiety Attacks as well as Tightness and Shortness of Breath.
After my father was diagnosed with cancer and my husband left me for a woman he had been having an affair with, my mental health deteriorated and I found myself in a really dark place. I was overwhelmed with sadness, I had chest pain and tightness and I was too anxious to be around other people. I couldn’t sleep, I lost a lot of weight and my face was covered in spots. Heba recommended manageable changes to my diet and 3 months on, I do not have any chest pain or tightness, the panic attacks have stopped and my sleep, weight and skin have all improved. Heba’s energy and zest for life are infectious and her practical advice has helped me immensely.

Lucy B, Bristol


I came to see Heba because I felt tired, sluggish and depressed. I was carrying more weight than I needed and I was kind of lost. Heba inspired and guided me back on track. Through her wise, kind and generous guidance I have developed the courage to see things as they really are and to take myself seriously at last – my health, my weight, my creativity, my relationship with me. I have lost 4 kilos in 4 months and I now have the tools and education to eat healthily and responsibly whilst enjoying the foods that I love.

Heba is a truly inspired being. Her generosity and devotion to her clients is a wonder to behold. As well as providing excellent nutritional advice she provides the kind of bespoke life coaching that one would normally pay a lot of money for. Heba also taught me that it is not about losing kilograms but about how we feel and it is about changing shape not necessarily weight. Heba has become more than a coach. She is my friend. And I will never forget her many kindnesses or the laughs that we enjoy together. Heba is a treasure.

Rosie Milesm



Beautiful testimonial from Marla who is a brave New Yorker lady. Marla never gave up and regained her health back in spite of being in multiple car accidents that limited her ability to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

A couple of years ago I faced many challenges to eating healthily and returning to a healthy weight after a motorway accident. The 4th whiplash injury, this time from a motorway accident. None of them were my fault but their effects were real. Afterwards, I was extremely limited in exercise finding even walking short distances tiring and likely to aggravate my pain. As a single parent I still had to work, maintain a household and be a supportive parent to my fast growing up young adults. Prior to this 4th accident I had worked hard to rehabilitate from the previous accident (my car hit from behind by a driver who was looking up to track his pigeons rather than at the road). I have been exercising 3-4 times a week to keep my weight in check and regain my confidence. Imagine my total frustration when driving on the motorway on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon a car stopped suddenly in front of me due to confusion from the roadworks on the M4. I stopped and only just managed to avoid hitting his car, but the car behind me slammed into me at a great rate, shocking and upsetting both myself and my passengers and destroying the delicate balance I had managed to achieve with my poor neck.

I tried to manage my life after this accident but the pain meant it was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other and get through the days, weeks, and months. Despite physiotherapy and other treatments, progress was slow. My weight was creeping up because of this inactivity. I tried very hard to eat a healthy diet of salads and fresh foods but couldn’t find a healthy diet that allowed me to lose the weight that I needed to in order to become healthy and regain my confidence.

I was so pleased when Heba contacted me in answer to my request for support to say that she could help. I was determined to use her knowledge and experience to support my return to health. With every minute of every day already filled with work, running the house and supporting my parents (who have a lot of health needs) by phone as they live overseas I wasn’t sure how I would be able to change anything but knew that I needed someone to help me find a way.

When I first met Heba I was reassured by her confidence that she could help. This would mean taking the time to prepare fresh meals, walk 30 minutes daily and preparing healthy food and drinks. Already exhausted I wasn’t sure how I would manage this, but this was my chance so I was determined I would find a way. To fit everything in, I would start dinner and go out for a walk while it was cooking. Often I could be found making smoothies and putting together the next day’s lunch at 23:30 at night.

The cold dark winter which didn’t make it any easier and what had already seemed pretty difficult at times felt impossible. When I met with Heba she offered ideas on how to achieve the balanced diet I needed. What started as a chore became a habit and I would stick to my routine even on days off as it helped to keep me motivated to stick with my agreed meal plan. I began to get feedback from colleagues at work about how well I looked and some even started fitness programmes and other life changing routines telling me that I had inspired them! Over 6 months I found myself regularly having to toss clothes into the “too big to wear” pile. And soon began trawling through old clothes to find some that would fit. It was great to get back into clothes that I really loved, that fit well and showed off my decreasing size.

I now stick to my routine most of the time, preparing fresh food, walking most days and drinking protein drinks and green smoothies. My son, who was always very thin, found himself drawn into my new pattern of eating with little bread, lots of veg and lean meat and fish and also found he was energised and began to enjoy exercising regularly and felt the benefits of Heba’s efforts indirectly. People come into the house and look into our fridge and always comment what a healthy family we are!

I can’t thank Heba enough for her continued determination and support with helping me regain my confidence. Although I still can’t exercise as I would like to, I am able to walk much more freely and am no longer daunted by the prospect of a 5 mile walk. I still have trouble finding enough minutes in each day, but healthy eating and exercise is the priority!

M. F



While there is no shortage of information regarding health and nutrition on the website, it can be overwhelming sorting and understanding it all. Since becoming a client at Bath Nutrition and Wellness with Heba, I have been able to conquer the confusion and make healthy choices a natural part of my day. Heba has shown me nutritious ways of combining foods that have become a regular staple in our She has a charm and motivates you immediately to get right back on track. She has loads of positive energy and you feel very support. I actually love to grocery shop now and I am proud to say there is virtually no processed food in my house. Ive just purchased lots of juicy fruits and vegetables and Im now off to make Celery & Asparagus soup. I highly recommend Heba and the service she provides. It is a huge investment in your health & wellbeing. Eating fresh, clean foods is the way forward. I have signed up again for another block of sessions. Thank you for all your help Heba. See you in 2 weeks.

Debbie Wylde


Dear Heba
I feel that I need to write this testimonial because you continue to offer best advice even 15 months after our initial consultation.
I originally visited you at your centre to loose some weight quickly for a wedding.. You helped me to loose that weight and I was delighted with the results…  After the wedding, I continued to follow your eating plan and manage my weight reasonably well.
I’m now on another weight loss kick and even though I’m following a different system, I continue to think about what I learnt from you and the information and experience you have passed onto me.
This week you gave me another useful tip which I will definitely remember -using the bread to soak up any fat from food on my plate (obviously I don’t eat the bread afterwards).
I’d like to thank you for your continued support and friendship
Many thanks
Ali xx

Ali Anteney


For people with Asthma and Depression this is a review from Gill Clancy who lives in Bath.
She had long term depression for several years and asthma and asked for my help with nutrition and lifestyle changes……Gill wrote: “I had asthma as a child and grew out of it, but it returned in my late forties and for years I was on different inhalers and then gradually ever increasing doses and the addition of steroid tablets. I was coughing up white sticky muccus and my Consultant at the Hospital could not understand why I did not respond to treatment. I had several trips to hospital with Asthma attacks and had to go on a nebuliser too. I was breathless on exercise and just walking around. I was constantly tired. I had aches and pains. I then developed severe depression and was put on tablets by the GP until another Doctor in our practice stopped them and made me do cognitive behavioural therapy instead but this did not really stop the symptoms. Heba pointed out it was my bad diet full of sugar and too much carbohydrate. I started the 12 week challenge. After a week I realised I was not breathless. Week two I noticed I had not taken steroids and was not needing my blue inhaler!! I gradually made the connection that this was due to the change to a non dairy diet. I also realised I was not depressed and am much happier and my body was changing due to all the good nutrients coming into my body and cells!!! Now in week 8 of the challenge my trousers are falling off me. I have more energy and am sleeping well after nearly five years of insomnia. I can now walk up a hill or into town without wheezing like an old smoker (never smoked) I am once again healthy and full of energy thanks to Heba and a change of lifestyle.”

Dear Heba, Being no stranger to a pie or buffet I have put on 4 stone in the last 10 years. I came to you approximately 3 weeks ago with the request to help me lose a stone in weight ahead of a forthcoming holiday. I’ll be honest, Over the last few years I have worked professionally for a number of health, weight and well being focused businesses so I know how many overpriced treatments and potions there are out there which promise the miracle of weight loss but actually leave you with the miracle of an empty wallet. As such I wasn’t actually expecting it to work but thought I would give it a go anyway. How wrong could I be! The enthusiasm in which you approached my personal weight and dietary challenge was fantastic. You listened to what I like to eat and drink and the lifestyle I have, and after a detailed analysis of my physical condition you devised a diet that not only I could work with, but would immediately address both the weight, and health issues I had looming. After just three weeks I have lost over a stone (3 weeks ahead of schedule), I feel fantastic and am really enjoying eating real healthy, fresh food again with the aid of your recipes and programme. However, weight loss for a holiday is a somewhat short-lived goal. more importantly you pointed out the dangerous visceral fat accumulation around my vital organs which was the final wake up call for me to do something about my weight once and for all. Without this kick-up-the-bum I risked being short-lived myself. I would recommend anyone like me who wants to change their dietary life for the better, be healthier, to have more energy and before they end up in the back of an ambulance to give Heba the opportunity to help them… Yours sincerely,

Michael Booth


This is a testimonial from a client who was discharged from an NHS diabetes clinic…..

I  am  forty-­‐something,  male  and  have  type  2  Diabetes  which  was  diagnosed  in  October  2003.  I  was  taking  oral  medications  only  until  2012  when  I  was  put  on  Insulin. I  started  consulting  Heba  over  a  year  ago  to  help  me  get  a  good  grip  with  my  nutrition.    Before  I  met  her,  I  had  some  weight  problems,  was  lethargic  and  regularly  in  some  sort  of  depressive  moods  which  also  affected  the  way  I  related  to  my  family  at  home.  There  were  certain  types  of  food  I  either  considered  as  too  luxurious  and  felt  guilty  to  consume  more  of,  or  considered  too  expensive  and  would  not  buy  regularly.  These  were  mainly  animal  protein  products  and  soya  based  products.  There  were  other  foods  I  thought  I  needed  more  of  to  keep  my  sugar  level  balanced  as  they  had  been  confirmed  for  me  by  two  separate  NHS  Dieticians  as  “very  appropriate”.  These  were  mainly  carbohydrate-­‐based  products  including  of  course  salads,  cereals,  oats,  carrots  etc.

Consulting  with  Heba  changed  my  mindset  about  these  foods  and  my  readiness  to  spend  on  them.  Not  only  did  she  help  me  deconstruct  my  thoughts  about  the  foods  above,  she  also  drew  a  parallel  between  my  inner  being  (my  health)  and  my  outer  being  (my  material  life).  She  said,  how  much  do  you  spend  on  your  clothes,  your  home  etc  to  look  good?  And  how  much  do  you  spend  on  or  care  for  your  health  to  live  good?  It  was  hard  to  accept  her  combination  of  nutritional  advice  and  personal  friendly  counselling  initially.  But  she  soon  won  my  trust.  She  also  assured  me  that  I  did  not  need  to  take  a  huge  leap  but  just  small  steps.  So  I  begun  with  her  help  to  change  my  diet,  incorporate  food  supplements,  and  cut  my  carbohydrate  intake  as  well  as  increase  my  protein-­‐based  foods.  On  one  occasion,  I  actually  phoned  her  whilst  I  was  at  the  grocery  shop  just  so  she  can  guide  me  through  what  to  buy  and  take  home  to  cook.

In  less  than  three  months  during  when  the  consultation,  begun,  I  started  to  feel  a  huge  difference  in  my  life,  health,  lifestyle  and  mindset.  I  had  been  referred  to,  and  was  attending  a  diabetes  clinic  at  Southmead  hospital  for  over  a  year  but  the  specialist  decided  to  discharge  me  and  return  me  to  my  local  surgery  as  he  had  noticed  my  condition  to  improve.  In  a  nutshell,  I  shed  the  weight  that  I  didn’t  need,  reduced  the  quantity  of  insulin  I  took  by  half  and  simply  felt  better  in  my  self-­‐esteem.  Thus,  I  felt  that  the  contact  with  Heba  was  undoubtedly  helpful.  I  have  not  been  able  to  continue  seeing  her  due  to  my  regular  travels  abroad  but  I  have  continued  to  be  mindful  of  the  foods  I  eat  and  in  what  regularity  as  advised  by  her.  I  would  therefore  not  hesitate  in  recommending  Heba  to  anyone  who  is  in  a  similar  or  remotely  closer  the  situation  I  was  in  before  meeting  Heba.  I  also  feel  that  had  I  been  referred  by  the  NHS  to  her  or  Nutritionists  of  similar  standing  to  her,  rather  than  to  the  two  separate  dieticians  I  saw  under  the  NHS  who  simply  confirmed  that  I  was  doing  ok  with  my  day-­‐to-­‐day  diets,  I  would  have  seen  the  improvement  even  earlier.



My Long Journey with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
“I had been suffering from a stomach condition (IBS) for roughly ten years before I first went to see Heba at the Nutrition and Wellness Centre. In this time I had gone from doctor to doctor, had numerous hospital visits, had tried acupuncture, meditation, Chinese medicine drinks, hypnotherapy, and many others tactics all to no avail. I found doctors were often dismissive and tended to try and attribute the causes to stress. I came up against this brick wall so many times. I would complain about my stomach, or pull out of some social occasion because I would feel too sick and people just could not understand – “oh you’ll be fine after a while” they would say, or, “you’re just anxious, it will go”. Despite my protests that this was not all psychological, I still felt like family, friends and professionals did not understand what I was going through.
After several trips to hospital I grew even more despondent. I would wait up to 16 weeks for an appointment only to go home with no answers, having made no progress, finding myself feeling frustrated and worried that I may never find a solution.During this time, as my symptoms grew worse, my condition began to take control of my life. As someone who has always loved food and cooking, I found that I was losing my passion for it completely. It had become an automatic response to the thought of food to think “is this going to make me feel ill for few hours or (sometimes) days?” This became so habitual that I would often put off eating for fear of it making me ill. I would not eat before leaving the house and would avoid eating out. Those times that I didn’t have a choice and had to eat out, I would find myself getting anxious before eating and after would feel so intensely ill I could not carry on a conversation. I would feel nauseous, sometimes in pain, and just concentrate on breathing, and trying to appear normal. No easy task. But if I tried to explain why I was not myself I would get the same response as always – “oh you’ll be fine in a bit, just let your food go down”…..So eventually I started just backing out of social occasions completely. Whilst my rational mind told me not to let my condition take control of my life, another part of me just did not want to purposely put myself in a situation that would make me feel so uncomfortable.

The longer this cycle went on, the worse my health became. I stopped sleeping properly, I wasn’t eating properly and I often had no energy. I was unmotivated, irritable and felt utterly powerless to do anything about it. I was in my final year of my degree, for which I had worked incredibly hard, and all I could think about was that my condition had become so debilitating that I truly believed I would not be able to get a job once I finished, let alone hold down a job, because of my condition.

This was probably my lowest point. I felt I had tried everything and nothing had worked. Around this time, I was leafing through the Bath Chronicle and came across an article about Heba and the recently opened Nutrition and Wellness Centre. I had seen a nutritionist briefly once before and they had promised they would “fix” me within a month. I left £80 poorer, and absolutely terrified to eat anything – no soya, dairy, nuts, seeds, Quorn, etc etc. The list was huge, and for a vegetarian immensely limiting.

However, the article highlighted Heba’s qualifications and experience which made me decide to try one more thing. This, it turns out, was the best decision I had made in the ten years I had suffered from this condition.

From the very first phone call onwards Heba radiated positivity, energy and enthusiasm for what she did. In our first meeting I finally felt, after all this time, that someone was listening, and really understood what I had been going through. This was such a huge relief. And immediately made me feel at ease with Heba, and most importantly made me feel I could trust her.

When I left that first meeting I felt positive about my situation for the first time in a long time. I felt like I could beat it and eventually return to my normal self. This was entirely due to Heba’s ability to empower and motivate. Whilst everyone I had seen previously talked in very vague terms and never offered any concrete solutions, Heba was confident, factual, and knowledgeable about what needed to be done.

Over the course of six months I saw Heba roughly every one to two weeks. I found each appointment boosted my energy and motivation and helped me work harder towards taking control of my condition. And it was work, for both Heba, and me. Following Heba’s great advice at times can be challenging. It requires strength and willpower, and sometimes it can be difficult. It can be tempting to lapse back in to old habits. But knowing what would be in store for me if I did, and also out of fear of undoing any work we had already done, I stuck to Heba’s advice. What made this easier were our meetings where we would discuss how I had been for the previous week, would review my food diary and check my weight and muscle mass. To see a change on the scales each week was fantastic – more muscle and less fat. This gave me the drive to work just as hard at it the next week so I could see an even better result.

Heba’s nutritional advice has been invaluable. I have learned so much about eating properly – for years (as a vegetarian) I thought I was eating pretty healthily, but it turns out a large amount of the food I had been eating had been perpetuating my condition. As part of building up my appetite again by eating regularly, and eating healthily, Heba recommended a number of couple of supplements. These made adjusting to new routines so much easier. They taste great, are quick and easy to eat and are really healthy. I still use supplements every day.

All of this contributed to the changes I saw over the period of six months.

By the time I had finished my degree I was almost back to my old self again, and it felt great. People commented on the difference in how I acted and looked, I had more energy and was feeling more positive. Most importantly I felt I could work and hold down a job, which I now am.

I look back now at how difficult the last year with this condition was and to how I felt when I truly believed I would not be able to work. The change has been immense. And Heba was not only the catalyst, but was a constant driving force behind this change, and working hard at it with her has made a profound difference.

The great thing about the Nutrition and Wellness Centre and Heba is that it could work for anyone who just wants to eat healthier, feel better and have more energy. There are many positive points to the Nutrition and Wellness Centre, but what really sets it apart from other places is Heba herself. She has such energy and enthusiasm for what she does. Heba is someone who truly does what she does because she is passionate about it. Her energy is contagious and always makes you feel positive and confident that you will succeed in your goals.”

Mick Palmer

I cannot speak too highly of the Nutrition & Wellness Centre. In 12 weeks I have learnt a wealth of sensible, helpful information about eating for good health and still remaining a healthy size. Heba has a lovely encouraging manner. Many people would benefit greatly.

Joan D

I think Heba is just so enthusiastic and supportive to everybody regardless of how big their challenge is or how motivated. I think she’s really good at motivating and encouraging everybody. This is my second challenge I’ve done with her but I’m a therapist myself and it was because people kept coming to me telling me about this person that I went in the first place, it was because so many of my clients said how lovely she was, how genuinely friendly and supportive that made me want to go along and meet her. I think it is just that little reminder about what you should be doing, that conscience on your shoulder but she does it in such a way that you don’t feel you’re being lectured, you do feel you’re being encouraged and coaxed along. She’s just very passionate about what she does.

Debbie M



Very Very happy. I’ve been to many slimming clubs in my life, well she’s made me look at things in a totally different way, particularly on the health side rather than losing weight, more about changing your lifestyle. Very supportive, excellent, I would recommend her to anyone. I look and I feel much better, I’ve lost weight and because I’ve changed my way of eating I feel better in myself. I’ve been a trained nurse, I’m fully aware that she’s very well informed and she’s so knowledgeable but she’s got a fantastic way about her.

Carolyn B


It’s been really good, have really enjoyed going. I find it is a really supportive group and probably the main thing for me in addition to that is that it is very educational so it’s like a learning process. I‘ve been attending since last September and I’ve lost 26 pounds in weight. I‘ve felt really encouraged by the results and feel really supported, not just because it is a group but the support from Heba personally is really encouraging.

Nicky P


I have been happy. Heba’s helped both with general health improvement and with weight loss. I would recommend her. I suppose it is her general approach to it which is very professional, very caring in a way. I feel quite well looked after!

Julian D


She’s a lovely, lovely woman who never gives up on you, she’s always happy to give her time, she’s absolutely fantastic. Really nurturing, really kind, she’s brilliant. I’m a bit of a no-hoper really. I haven’t lost mega weight but my eating habits have completely changed, I’m really happy, I get tempted now and again but she doesn’t let you quit. She’s brilliant. At the moment I’m doing the ‘Reduce your body age course’, I’ve done the ‘weight loss challenge’, I didn’t lose loads of weight but I’ve altered my body composition and I just eat so much better now and just feel so much better, so its not all about the scales really. I would really recommend her to anybody. She’ll spend lots of time researching and finding the best solution for them.

Nicky A


Very happy. She helped me lose quite a lot of weight, and she’s there in support of me whenever I want to see her – she’s there for me all the time.

Susan S


Such a super wellness coach – the enthusiasm Heba has keeps you on track. If you want to be healthy Heba is your woman!!

Louise P

Heba is a very enthusiastic coach whose encouragement helps you through the challenge. It has given me a good start to weight loss.

Paola S



I highly recommend the Nutrition and Wellness Centre. The service and support is second to none. It has had a hugely positive inpact on my life and would recommend it to anyone who wants to eat better and feel better.

Mick P


Friendly, supportive atmosphere. Learnt so much about nutrition which really helped and inspired me.

Jane A


This challenge over the last 12 weeks has turned my life around.

Jacqueline C
September 2012


Great course, would be helpful to have more information to refer to later.

Iris W


I recommend the course. Lots of great information. Learn something new every challenge.

Jeanette P


Very good and informative, could do with a few more handouts to refer back to over topics including statistics. Well done, thank you Heba.

Amanda B

Heba is a real expert in helping people to lose weight and get healthy and keep the weight off. She explains it all so anyone can understand, and pays attention to small details that make big differences

Christine D


I have been on the 12 week weight challenge and feel 100% better. Would recommend this to anyone. can be hard but the benefits are worth it. it has changed my life for the better. motivation from Heba is fantastic, at no time are you left to flounder. support is always there. 5 star!

Sam J

I have quite literally been on a diet all of my life- I was first put on a diet by a doctor at 3 months old and have struggled with my weight ever since.

I have tried most diets on the market:
Cabbage soup diet- it worked as I lost weight but it had unpleasant side effects!! And I put on weight rapidly when I stopped doing it.

Slim Fast- again I lost weight but I felt ill and could not keep it up.
Weight Watchers- I have been to WW many times and managed to lose weight each time but because I viewed it as a diet I could not/ would not sustain it and put the weight back on and more each time.

I decided that I would give up dieting and just be happy as I was which I did until my 40th birthday in December last year. I was not worried about turning 40 and thought I looked ok until I saw the pictures from my party. I looked awful!!

On the day I decided to do something about it a free community magazine was posted through my door. Inside was an advert for Weight Loss which sounded like my kind of thing as I am highly competitive!! I gave the number a ring and had my first conversation with Heba – straight away I decided she was a person I could get on with, loud, bubbly and very inspiring!!

I joined Weight Loss Class with the intention of losing weight, using my holiday in March as a goal. At first I struggled with Weight Loss Class as I was not losing weight as rapidly as I wanted to.

It took many conversations with Heba, during which she was very calm and encouraging, for me to realise that I needed to change my attitude towards food and weight loss and view it as a lifestyle change rather than just an attempt to lose weight.

Through Heba’s classes I learnt about protein, the right nutrients, the benefits of green tea and drinking water, how  can be beneficial in not only weight loss but also in maintaining a healthy life style and why it is more important to lose the fat inside my body and increase my muscle in order to be healthier….People began to notice the difference in me after a few weeks and asked me what I was doing. After I explained 4 of my friends decided to join Weight Loss Class to see if it could help them too. It did!! At the end of the 12 week challenge I managed to lose 12.1 kgs (26.7 lbs) Which was a total of 13.8% of my starting weight. I also lost 8.2% fat and 40.5 cms from all over my body.

At this point I looked and felt so much better but knew I still had a lot to learn and I still had fat that I needed to get rid of so I joined up for another 12 week. At the end of this I was 6.5 kg (14.3 lbs) lighter, which was 8.2% of my body weight. I had also lost a further 3.5% of my body fat and 12.5 cms from all over my body.

One thing I noticed during the Weight Loss Class, other than the weight loss, was my fitness level improving. At the beginning I started walking daily with my husband and could hardly breathe at first let alone talk!! Now we still walk most evenings and I am able to hold a full-blown conversation. I also go to the gym twice a week and my trainer has commented on how my fitness level has increased.

The challenge has also impacted on my family too as I cook healthier meals and encourage my children to be more active to ensure they do not end up like me (or how I was, constantly struggling with my weight). 

It is now 6 months since I finished Weight Loss Class and I have not gained any weight, am still eating healthily and exercising more so for me it does work!!”

Louise P



I have been coming here for the last 10 weeks and cant believe how well I feel. Weight loss is brilliant, but the other benefits are amazing. Can’t praise it highly enough – feel 100% fitter even although I have a long way to go. Nothing but praise and would recommend it to anyone.



I started my work placement with Heba about 2 months ago as part of my Sport Health and Fitness degree course which I am studying at Bath University and the City of Bath College. I wanted to work somewhere which embraced a holistic approach to health and fitness, incorporating the physical, mental and nutritional aspects of health. Heba does this. She is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work for. I am enjoying my work here, learning lots and meeting some wonderful people :O)

Sam J


I contacted Heba around July last year for her weight loss program. I’ve lost almost 40lbs. She’s stays with you. She’s extremely interested. I don’t think she’s really in it it for the money, she’s in it to help people, she’s more interested in the individual and how they are progressing. On my first visit to her I took my wife because no matter what the programme was going to be my wife would be involved, and Heba was more than helpful in sitting down with us and explaining what it was all about. Following that I went to her roughly on a weekly basis, she would go through everything, weigh us and talk us through our results, the records I’d kept on what I’d eaten and why, she gave me quite a lot of guidance on what I should or shouldn’t be eating. I suppose now since about February I don’t see her regularly but she now rings, we agree a time usually once a week or 10 days, I’d recommend her without any question. I think she will be an asset to London Road!



I started with Heba around October last year with her Weight Loss Challenge. Her service has been fantastic. She’s not like normal slimming groups, she’s more about changing how you eat as a lifetime thing rather than just losing weight and going back to normal, it’s a lifestyle more than a slimming class. I’ve had noticeable results and I’m really happy with it. She’s very supportive, you get lots of support from her. Her enthusiasm is contagious, she’s very enthusiastic about it all. I think she is good value for money.



Heba is a neighbour of mine and we got chatting after she finished her studies at the Bristol University. She told me that she was going to set up a Nutrition and Wellness Centre. I was very interested in Heba’s business venture and joined one of her 12 week Weight Loss Challenge. I enjoyed the weekly meetings but found the one to one sessions with Heba most beneficial. It is like having your own personal trainer for nutrition. Heba devised a personal eating plan for me and I must say with her help and support I am doing very well. I lost weight, lost body fat and gained muscle. I am feeling very well. Heba is a people person. Her company is enjoyable. Her enthusiasm, intelligence, professionalism and her wish to help people shines through every time you meet her.

Helga T


I was aware of my poor eating habits and not sure how to address the issue – due to my busy lifestyle I’d often skip meals (especially breakfast) and when I did eat, it was often not the right types of food. I didn’t want to start a traditional “diet” as I wanted help to change my habits in the long term and create a healthy view of food, understanding what is good and what is bad, whilst addressing a few key personal health challenges. Heba was the perfect solution. As a qualified nutritionist, she has a thorough understanding of health, nutrition, foods and supplements – I found her training sessions informative and life changing. Having 121 follow up support when I needed it, was very helpful. I found Heba both professional and very motivational and would highly recommend her services.



Heba is a delightful and inspiring person whose enthusiasm shines through everything she does. She is a highly qualified nutritionist and her Nutrition and Wellness Centre on the London Road is an oasis of calm, where she gives you her whole attention and really cares that you achieve what you want to. Since attending her Weight Loss Challenge classes, I have lost the weight I wanted to lose, changed my daily eating habits for good, and have much more energy. You can either attend her weekly classes or see her on a one to one basis. She has honestly changed my life for the better, and I thoroughly recommend her services.

Lesley S