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How to maintain your healthy lifestyle while on holiday

How to maintain your healthy lifestyle while on holiday


When we go on holiday we tend to let go of our disciplined and structured lives and allow ourselves to indulge. This happens to all of us including me as I lose my strict control over my diet and waive my standard physical activities. We spend a lot of time and energy on our wellness before holidays and then we waste all of that effort while on holiday only to start from scratch after coming back.

There are a number of simple things you could do to stay healthy while on holiday.
Here are some travel tips that have worked for me. I hope you will find them useful: Read More→

Beauty comes with these beautiful foods

Beauty comes with these beautiful foods


Our skin is probably our most underrated organ. It comes into contact with the harsh outside world, protecting our inner organs and retaining our water. We therefor owe our skin a lot of consideration when it comes to nutrition and nourishment. There are foods that can help your skin glow and improve your complexion. Here are my recommendations: Read More→

The importance of Vitamin D in preventing Osteoporosis

The importance of Vitamin D in preventing osteoporosis

Colorful chicken eggs

What is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D plays several vital roles. It helps absorb and maintain the amounts of calcium and phosphate in the body. These minerals are needed for strong bones and healthy teeth. In the introduction to my M.Phil thesis, I researched the factors that influenced bone formation and reported that “the build-up of bone during childhood and adolescence including genetic predisposition, diet, physical activity, body composition and smoking (Cooper, Westlake et al. 2006). Genetics factors have been reported to account for almost 80 per cent of the variance in peak bone mass (Davies, Evans et al. 2005; Bonjour, Chevalley et al. 2007). As far as diet is concerned, certain nutrition components have been extensively examined in the literature. Calcium and vitamin D have received particular attention and their associations with bone health in children and adolescents have been studied”.

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The health benefits of Manuka honey

The health benefits of Manuka honey

jar of honey with manuka (tea tree or Leptospermum) flower

According to doctors, Manuka honey’s high sugar content creates a waterless environment in which the bacteria that are infecting a wound are unable to survive.

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6-week course on how to stop craving sugar

6-week group course on ‘How to Stop Craving Sugar’ starting in Bath, 15th of January at 6.15pm

Sugar on wooden table

Did you know that your mind, your body and your taste buds can be hooked on sugar?

How much sugar are you putting in your diet? What is it actually doing to your body and mind?

If you are not Feeling Lean and Vibrant or as Happy as you like, or having Depression and Anxiety, Sugar may be the cause.

You are Physically and Emotionally attached to sugar. Research suggests that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Read More→

The health benefits of the cucumber!

The health benefits of the cucumber

Cucumbers provide our bodies with essential vitamins and nutrients. Cucumbers are a bona fide tasty and healthy vegetable in their own right. Cucumbers will soon give you reason to eat them on their own!

Cucumber slices background

Types of cucumber include:

Dosakai – A cucumber that is yellow in color, has a round shape and is available in many parts of India. Commonly added in Chutney, Sambar or Soup, Daal and also in making Dosa-Aavakaaya (a type of Indian Pickle).

English cucumbers – Have very little in the way of seeds and can grow to around 2 feet in length.
Mediterranean cucumbers – Skins are smooth with nearly seedless flesh, they have a mild taste.
Japanese cucumbers – A dark green cucumber with a very bumpy skin. Mainly used for slicing, salads and pickling. Read More→