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Heba Al-Zuhair

I’m a Personalised Nutritionist, Weight Loss Expert and Healthy Lifestyle Consultant. After many years of University Studies leading to numerous Academic Qualifications and Research titles, extensive Training as well as Successful Practice; I founded my dream Nutrition and Wellness Centre in 2012.

My research qualifications were awarded by Bristol Univrsity’s Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences. The centre was rated in 2014 by the UK’s Research Exercise Framework (REF) as the leading centre of international research excellence within the UK

I have always felt that I exist to help people, whether that is looking out for my family or connecting with new friends and clients who I know I can assist with my knowledge. To be able to do this every day is something I hold very precious indeed.

Results and the very kind words of a number of clients from across the years can be found at my Transformation and Testimonial pages, whereas my Press page will show you that my Centre has been voted the ‘2nd Most Loved Weight Loss Business in the UK’, and has been recognized as one of the ‘Best Businesses in Bath’, and featured as ‘One to Watch’ by Bath Life magazine and the Bath Chronicle newspaper. I have also teamed up with local award-winning food magazine, Crumbs, who have sought my advice on specialist nutrition for their feature editorials. I’m an official sponsor for Bath Rugby Ladies and also support NHS Staff within the community.


Understanding of nutrition began at a very early age. I was a swimmer – from a family of swimming champions – and so the relationship between food intake and physical excellence was made clear to me as a child. Throughout those childhood and teen years, I had to follow a strict diet designed for me by both my professional swimming coach and parents. My interest in the association between healthy living, nutrition and physical activity grew from there and would influence my university education choices for a 20-year period (1990–2010).

In 1995, I started coaching clients and patients on the subject of healthy eating. I moved to the UK where I continued to help clients through a programme of weight loss classes which I ran in my new home city of Bath. The classes were very popular, to the point that I had to run them four times a week. Establishing a Wellness Centre seemed like the next logical step – a place where I could devote myself fully to the vocation I loved and where I could help and advise people on all aspects of their nutritional needs. I opened the Centre in 2012. The many years I had committed to academic research into the effects of diet on the body could now be put to full use. 

My mother began to suffer from severe osteoporosis which led to her experiencing a spinal fracture – this prompted me to take up a three-year research-based pre-Ph.D that eventually lead to the award of a Master of Philosophy M.Phil in Osteoporosis Prevention, also from the Centre for Exercise, Nutrition and Health Sciences, University of Bristol in 2011. I can now look out for myself, my daughter and my clients with regards to this silent disease, testing our bone health with the ultrasound machine I have at my centre.

In many ways, I was my own first specialist client and success story: I devised a weight loss plan to shed the 47lbs which I had gained while I had been studying. I knew I could help many more people every bit as effectively.