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It was Hippocrates who once said, ‘All disease begins in the gut’. Hippocrates knew it centuries ago and we know it today – you are what you eat. 

Whatever your health goals are, good nutrition is absolutely key. We wouldn’t expect our cars to run on sub-standard fuel, yet we regularly expect our bodies to… and then we’re surprised when they ‘break down’. It’s not easy when we’re surrounded by fast food and snacks (which come with a ‘double whammy’ of being high in calories but low in nutritional value). It’s a matter of making the right choices.

At the Nutrition & Wellness Centre we can teach you how to make those choices with my one-to-one nutrition consultations. Once you understand the effect of certain foods on your body you’ll be able to make dietary choices which will have a positive impact on your particular health issues – we call this targeted nutrition.

Whether you’re an athlete wishing to optimise their performance, or come from a family with a history of heart disease and want to protect yourself, or perhaps you are desperate to tackle the problem of IBS: targeted nutrition will be able to help you. Ultimately, many medical conditions can be treated or effectively managed with the correct food together with nutritional supplements with far fewer complications and side effects than conventional medicine can offer.


I can assist you with the following conditions:NUTRITIONIST & WEIGHT LOSS EXPERT

• Optimise your vitality and energy
• Manage your weight
• Get a younger body age
• Optimise your digestive system
• Eliminate toxins
• Manage your stress
• Stabilise your mood swings
• Nourish your metabolism
• Reduce your blood pressure
• Control your cholesterol
• Manage your arthritis
• Cook healthily

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