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I may be a nutritionist, but I am just like you

I may be a nutritionist, but I am just like you

When you tell people you’re a nutritionist, they make certain assumptions. Face to face with someone for the first time, I’ve sometimes spotted that person trying to check for the nutritionist’s ‘core credentials’. You know the ones… the white teeth, the perfect skin, the radiant glow. This might be followed by a quick glance up and down to confirm that I also boast that body toned by pilates. There are others who automatically assume I spend my days nibbling on nuts and seeds, refusing caffeine and confectionery of every kind and compiling meals of carefully weighed raw veg, pulled fresh from the ground that morning.

I hate to break it to you, but that’s not really me. Worse still, I’m a fairly normal person with a normal desire for eating and with fairly regular cravings for bad stuff (in all its many various shapes and forms).

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How to maintain your healthy lifestyle while on holiday

How to maintain your healthy lifestyle while on holiday


When we go on holiday we tend to let go of our disciplined and structured lives and allow ourselves to indulge. This happens to all of us including me as I lose my strict control over my diet and waive my standard physical activities. We spend a lot of time and energy on our wellness before holidays and then we waste all of that effort while on holiday only to start from scratch after coming back.

There are a number of simple things you could do to stay healthy while on holiday.
Here are some travel tips that have worked for me. I hope you will find them useful: Read More→